Victoria Falls


Victoria Falls is the name of the superb and world-famous waterfalls and of the town nearby as well. This miracle of nature is situated in the Northwest corner of Zimbabwe and most impressive from December to July, when enormous loads of water tumble down the bluff. The spindrift going high skywards can be seen from as far as 20 km away. It is justified theat hese huge and impressive waterfalls are entitled an official UNESCO World Nature Site. Located in walking distance to Victoria Falls Town, the touristically most developed city in Zimbabwe with numerous very traditional and modern hotels, they can easily be visited.



  • UNESCO World Nature Site
  • Monumental performance of nature
  • Easily accessible
  • in walking distance of most Victoria Falls hotels
  • Outdoor activities (river rafting, bungee jumping)
  • Visit of a Crocodile Farm

Visit of the Falls

A small natural park gives access to the falls. Due to the elevated temperature and the humidity, a rainforest has developed in vicinity of the falls.
A special experience is a flight over the falls by helicopter. Adventurous people may opt for a river rafting trip in the rapids of the lower Zambezi. And those who love Bungee Jumping will not miss a 108m jump from the bridge over the vortices of the Zambezi River.


Victoria Falls offers a wide variety of accommodations. There are very traditional and beautifully situated houses or modern upmarket hotels, some of them with a private waterhole for whildlife observation.  Ethictours knows some excellent well-priced accomodations, too. At some places self-catering is possible. We love to recommend you our favourites.


At Victoria Falls you can enjoy a good international cuisine, while genuine African meals are rarely on offer, apart from some experience-driven touristic restaurants


Victoria Falls is easily accessible, by car on good tar road from Bulawayo (430 km). With Ethictours  you can also book a nostalgic train ride with sleeper-cabins from Bulawayo. Starting in the evening in Bulawayo, the train is passing through Hwange National Park early in the morning. Finally, Victoria Falls offers an international airport with several daily flights to Harare, Bulawayo, Johannesburg and other destinations.


There is no problem to find a filling station as well as a car repair shop in Victoria Falls Town.