Ethictours: Travel Agency and Social Enterprise

Tour Operators for People with Interest

Ethictours is a different kind of tour operator in Africa.
With Ethictours you will visit the numerous highlights of Zimbabwe. But Ethictours is a cut above the others and offers more value.
Individual travellers as well as package travellers with genuine interest in the country and its people will get a very close insight of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabweans, who are the friendliest people - traditional and open minded, interested and proud, happy and sometimes desperate.

Exclusive Offers

Ethictours offers special events for individuals and small groups in order to get in touch with the local population.
Proposals include cooking in the round hut on fire with Mai Benjamin, stay in a rural area with a small farming family, guided hikes in the Vumba Mountains and in Chimanimani, attending an African Church servie and more.

Social Enterprise for the benefit of the needy

Ethictours is constituted as a social enterprise, offers responsible Fair Trade Tourism and is committed where possible to community-based tourism. The biggest part of the net profit is offered to projects in favour of the numeours orphaneed children in Zimbabwe. The company is built up with support from Startup Africa Switzerland and is headed by a Zimbabwean Tourism Expert and employs local staff only.