Nyanga National Park und Honde Valley


The Nyanga Mountains National Park is located in the north of the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. Its location mostly over 2000 m asl. gives the park an almost northern appearance. People go to Nyanga for hiking, fishing and even for paragliding.



  • Large hiking area, with forests, rivers, waterfalls
  • Trout fishing in mountain streams and dams
  • Tea-Plantations in Honde-Valley
  • Easily accessible, mostly even with 2x4 vehicles


Apart from some antelope species, there is hardly any big deer at Nyanga National Park. Those who come to Nyanga are delighted by the scenery of small lakes and mountain streams, or dare to climb the highest mountain of Zimbabwe, Mount Nyangani. Especially popular is the area for fishermen (flyfish on various trout species). Experts can kayak the Pungwe Gorge, a class IV to V section of the Pungwe on the edge of the Nyanga National Park.


In the area there are numerous hotels of various price classes, often in Old English style. We can also book for you very nicely located self-catering lodges of the national park authority.


All hotels offer half board and full board. When self-catering, you bring your food from Mutare or Harare - but a reduced product range is also available in Juliasdale.


The park can be quite well traveled by car. During rainy seasio, driving conditions on rough roads can become difficult.


There is a petrol station at Juliasdale. However, you avoid surprises when you drive into this area with the fuel tank filled up at Mutare.