Bulawayo is the second biggest town in Zimbabwe and the center of Matabeland, home to the Ndebele tribe, speaking a langauge of the same name. Other than in Harare, this town gives the impression of a much more provincial cosy town. Most buildings show the typical colonial style, you won't find any high-risers.



  • Important traffic hub between Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana
  • Most interesting Railway Museum
  • Ruins of Khami
  • Near Matopos Nationalpark


There are some interesting museum in Bulawayo: the museum of natural history offers a good impression of the huge number of wild animals in Zimbabwe. People interestred in technics should not miss the visit of the Railway Museum.


There are numerous Hotels und Lodges in Bulawayo, upmarket places, but budget-houses as well. At some of the lodges you can book a self-catering room. We love to offer advice to our customers to find the best place to stay in town.


In most hotels and guesthouses you can book half- or fullboard.  In Bulawayo there is no problem to find a restaurant or a Fast-Food like "Nando's" or "Chicken Inn" among others.


There is no public transport in Bulawayo. If the place is not within footreach, you can choose a taxi.


There is a small international Airport at Bulawayo. Mainly local Airlines from Zimbawe or South Africa offer flights to Victoria Falls, Johannesburg and Harare.