Vumba Mountains ("The mountain of mist") are situated in the center of the Eastern Highlands, some 20 km in the east of Mutare. It is the region of the unique mountain virgin forest, with breathtaking views, plantations of coffee, tee and fruits on the slopes and the most beautiful Botanical Garden in Zimbabwe. Because of the very unique atmosphere, the gorgeous landscape and the agreeable climate, even connoisseurs from Harare use to spend their holidays in this beautyful area.



  • Athmospheric suntrap area with spectacular misty moments
  • Bunga Forest, mounainous virgine forest
  • Beautiful hidden waterfalls
  • Botanical Garden
  • One of the best destination for birders (ornithologues)
  • Beautiful golf course (said to be the favourite course of Tiger Woods)

Flora and Fauna

The Vumba-Mountains are home to a huge number odf different birds - some of these birds are uniquely seen here, like the Swynnerton's Robin. An other singularity are the Samango Monkeys. Some antelopes can be seen as well. People visit Bvumba for the beautiful landscape and the very special athmosphere, when waft of mist range the hilly area. You can do some excellent outdoor activities, like hiking or mountain biking (Mountainbike rental at Kwayedza-Lodge)


There are several small and medium sized hotels and guesthouses in the Vumba Mountains. Ethictours recommends Kwayedza-Lodge, a Fairtrade-Company and at the same time partner of Ethictours


Many residents of Mutare resort to the Vumba Mountains for culinary art. Many of these restaurants and hotels offer excellent english dishes. To encounter the real African cuisine, you best go to Kwayedza-Fairtrade Lodge; apart from these very palatable local dishes, the chef has other specialities on offer like homemade pasta or different meals with locally grown potatoes (even the very famous Swiss Roesti!).


The Bvumbas (other name for the Vumba Mountains) can easily be reached within 20-30 min from Mutare, on good tar roads. The "Scenic Circular-Drive" offers great views, is partly gravel road, and can easily be done outside the rainy season.


There are no filling stations in the Vumba Mountains. But Mutare with its numerous petrol stations is just a 20 km drive away.