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Zimbabwe - a World of Wonders

Zimbabwe is a country full of beauty, a world of wonders. And Zimbabwe is genuine Africa.

Ethictours shows you the most beautiful places of this wonderful travel destination:
Experience grand landscapes, come and encounter the "Big Five", the five magnificent wildlife of Africa close and yet safe. Besides lions, elephants, rhinos, African buffaloes and maybe even a Leopard, you will be amazed by numerous large antelopes, giraffes, hippos, monkeys and hyenas.

A most spectacular natural phenomenon are the world-famous Victoria Falls. The cataract is formed by the large Zambezi stream and has a width of 1700 m. The waters tumble form a maximum height of 110 m into the depth of a basalt canyon.

Ethictours is the sole Tour Agent that offers events out of the beaten track with interesting and intense contact with the friendly locals. You can choose from several Fairtrade projects that allow you a careful access and exchange of ideas at eye level.

Sportive people finally can also book hikes (guided and independent), rent a mountain bikes or go on birds-tracking with a local specialist guide.